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CAL (Capital Alliance) provides an extensive range of investment banking services, including portfolio management, wealth management, trading and research, to a substantial and diversified group of corporations, financial institutions, investment funds and individuals.

Our vision has always been to strive to be the pioneering force in the financial services and investment banking industries. With over 15 years’ experience of providing innovative and integrated solutions for our continuously growing clientele, CAL has established itself beyond a doubt, as the leading investment bank in Sri Lanka and the Preferred Partner in Financial Markets. Our strong reputation is based on our excellence in execution, research and product innovation; our guarantee to uphold confidentiality and our commitment to transparent and ethical dealing, which has been the cornerstone to our success since our inception in the year 2000.

Our client network extends across multiple geographies, on a global scale, giving investors trusted access to the local financial market. Our coherent one-firm approach across all areas of expertise, works positively to impact your future. We continue to work tirelessly to bring capital, people and ideas together with the aim to provide universal broking services to the market by making opportunities in Sri Lanka, accessible to the world.

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About Us CAL

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