As part of CAL’s long-term goals to be future-ready, and evolve in an ever-changing world, “CALiper”, a state-of-the-art digital app that facilitates online bond trading with one click, was introduced in 2017. Sri Lanka’s first online trading app takes government securities trading to the future, making it more accessible to all.

This revolutionary app establishes a digital experience for clients who invest in government securities, granting transparency in all transactions, a first for the Sri Lankan bond market. An easy-to-use, streamlined trading process, enables investors of all experience levels to manage their own portfolios and expand wealth on their own terms, through freedom and flexibility. Geared to meet the needs of the digital world, CALiper provides all of the tools needed to measure, trade, monitor and observe government securities, within one place, with faster response times, greater accuracy and easy accessibility through any device.

CALiper generates a transparent market and allows more investors to independently trade bonds live, and benefit directly from the returns of trading. The app empowers investors to act on potential trades immediately and reap the returns and rewards of faster, more dynamic trading. A seamlessly designed app, CALiper offers a simple, fast and real-time user experience and fills an important void in the financial services industry. Our aim is to encourage more individuals to confidently manage their portfolios independently, make trades on a more regular basis and strategically grow their wealth.


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